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If laughter is good for the soul, Paul Mussell has cornered the market.

In the field of comedy and entertainment, Paul’s blend of clean, life-on-the-farm humour is a breath of fresh country air. He brings a healthy dose of rural perspective and wisdom to everything he sees. It’s open season on everything and Paul has great aim. From family life to business life, he breaks through the surface to get to the juicy humour within.

Audiences love Paul’s common-sense view and the good, clean fun he brings to every event. The Ottawa Citizen says, “He can bring a smile to even the most cosmopolitan audience.” The Manotick Messenger calls Paul “not your average dairy farmer.” He likes to think they mean it in a good way. Average or not, he doesn’t stop at farming. He’s also a trapper, hunter, fisherman (so you know this guy can spin a great yarn!) and a happy
family man. Even his kids think he’s funny, and that’s the toughest audience of all!

Paul Mussell has the kind of genial country charm that immediately puts
people at ease.

For pure entertainment that is intensely relaxing and seriously funny, associations, companies and organizations need look no farther than Paul Mussell. A fifth-generation farmer from eastern Ontario, Paul is descended from a long line of great storytellers. Living on a farm with his wife and kids, their prize-winning Holstein cows and a couple of very entertaining dogs, Paul is surrounded every day by material for his comedy. Farm life. Rural life. Family life. Church life. Everyday life. These are the topics he touches on with his comedic view.

Paul is a cancer survivor and a good healthy dose of humour was a welcome companion in
his recovery. Laughter truly is the best medicine. Laughter, the love and support of his family and strong faith sustained him then, and still do today. This strong foundation shines through in his comedy as he shares his light-hearted views with his audiences.

Paul customizes his shows to each audience, ensuring that they are involved in the comedy
even to the point of bringing them on stage with him! In the many years since he began as a professional entertainer, Paul has delighted audiences at hundreds of shows with humour that is “clean, simple and genuinely funny.” On more than one occasion, his “performance contributed greatly to the success of the evening.” Audiences love his blend of clean, rural humour which pokes fun at farm life and touches the common thread in everyone. Paul is often profiled in print media and is a repeat guest on Canadian national radio and television.

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