A Goat, A Farmer, An Agrologist: A Formula for Fantastic Food

By Lynda Hall

What do you get when you bring together a herd of goats, a family of farmers, and an agrologist (that’s a professional with a degree in agriculture)? Cheese, that’s what.

Good cheese begins with good quality whole milk. In this case, it’s goat milk, and it comes from a mixed herd of Saanen, Nubian, Alpine, and Toggenburg goats who call Clarmell Farms their home.

Clarmell Farms was not always a goat dairy farm. In fact, goats are a new enterprise for the Mussell family, who have lived on and worked the same farmland for over 100
years — a timeline which qualifies them as a designated Ontario Century Farm. Theirs used to be a cow dairy farm, but that changed two years ago when Ryan, one of the youngest generation of Mussell farmers, suggested that goat milk was the way of the future.

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