About the Bakery

Grace and Kristine are a mother daughter baking team and partners in flour.

Grace graduated in food economics at Kemptville college and has many years of baking knowledge under her apron strings. 

Kristine followed in her mother's culinary footsteps, graduating from Baking and Pastry Arts at Algonquin college, receiving honors. Kristine has a talent for making the flakiest pie crusts. You'll usually find her up to her elbows in flour.

In 2012 after years of doing occasional baking and catering for family and friends they decided it was something they'd like to pursue together and turn into full time occupation. So Clarmell Farms Bakery was born, named after the family farm which has been in the family for over 108 years. They built a commercial bakery, complete with a gold sparkle floor and beautiful views of the farm.  Their family serves as the critical taste testers, though they are the best fed critics around. Occasionally you'll spot their family lending a hand as it's truly a family focused business.